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Succeed Driving School is based in Leicester. Peter is known for his patient and friendly lessons with an excellent pass rate of over 17 years experience.

Succeed Driving School offers lessons to individuals of different abilities teaching to the highest standards.
Peter achieved the highest grade "A" on latest Driving, Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA). Check Test.
Rates and packages
Starter lessons -
2 hour lesson -
First 5 hours £50
£19 per hour: Total - £38
Pre Paid 10 hours -
£18 per hour: Total - £180
Pre Paid 20 hours -
£17 per hour: Total £340
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E-mail: info@succeeddrivingschool.com
Succeed Driving School uses the latest
Vauxhall Corsa Model.
Saving of £2
Saving of £20
Saving of £60
Eco Driving is Encouraged
• To save fuel

• Reduces maintenance costs

• Lowers carbon foot print
Your success is our driving force!
Call Peter Melvin on: 07977 447 890
1 hour lesson -
Saving of £50
Driving, Vehicle & Standards Agency (DVSA) States:

"The average pupil needs over 45 hours training to get to Driving Test
Standard. At Succeed Driving School we endeavour with tuition
tailored to meet the pupils needs to get to test standard well within
these times, therefore saving time and money".
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